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shh and listen

i don't believe the words you sing sometimes

10/14/11 06:34 pm - Writer's Block: Flashback films

OMG! Tie between Andrew McCarthy, James Spader, Judd Nelson and Robert Downey, Jr.

I'd have to say James Spader, though. There's something about his voice that's so lovely and sensual. I damn near need to watch Pretty in Pink tonight!

9/5/11 12:15 pm

Favorite Queen song? Radio Ga Ga or Killer Queen. Might also be Bicycle. Or even Fat Bottomed Girl. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy.

Didn't know I loved Queen so much.

Obviously I can't pick a favourite.

4/3/10 12:12 pm

got my results in the mail today about the sleep apnea.

apparently i just sleep a lot. like a fucking BABY.

and i still have migraines with the verdict being out on that. heather, we're officially health twins.

2/28/10 12:31 pm

What's your favorite sandwich? Do you make it yourself or go somewhere special to buy it? What's in it?!

my ultimate is a reuben. rye bread, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, mustard, and toooooons of corned beef. don't put any thousand island or mayo or i'll literally throw it at you.

1/31/10 11:47 pm

i'm really fucking exhausted.

11/15/09 12:23 pm

i think if i had to rank the number one album of the year, even though it hasn't been released yet (shhh), john mayer's "battle studies" wins, hands down.

9/26/09 09:07 pm

these? these are absolutely everything i love in fashion in one!

9/14/09 08:44 pm

i can't tell, but i'm fairly certain patrick swayze is dead. oh, let me look at my facebook status page or my f'list and i might be able to confirm it.

seriously, today is the pits.

i also know that i'll murder the next person who commits fraud against me.

9/8/09 10:10 pm


i just failed my philosophy assignment -- twice. 23% and 29%.

fucking syntax and symbolism.

i'm going to bed. my head hurts.

9/7/09 03:20 am

reluctantly and unfortunately, i'm back safe and sound in indianapolis. the flight back in was HORRENDOUS -- we flew into storms -- but i'm happy to be home. i'm already planning my next trip out there.

i love california so freakin' much. i need to live there asap.
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